Saturday, January 1, 2011

Not quite famous...

John and I got interviewed at the TCU Rose Bowl watching party by the channel 33 news.  I look a little bedraggled, but it's me (and John)!  The very last 20 seconds or so:)

It isn't embedding for some reason, so here's a link to it.

So sorry it's been so long!!!

Wow.  When was my last post??  It's been... well I don't know if I can even call it busy or full... couple of weeks.  Much of my time since my last post has been exactly how the last post sounded: I was not "bouncing back".  But I'll talk about that in a bit.  I'll share first about good things, like my Christmas and New Years!

One of my favorite people, my uncle Graham, flew down to be with us for Christmas and it was epic:)  This Christmas was the first time John and I have actually BEEN with people.  Usually, as per Morgan family tradition, Thanksgiving is Morgan time and Christmas is all the various in-law's time.  However, my "in-laws" (John's family) all work on Christmas.  (They are so awesome.  My mother-in-law is a nurse, and she chooses to work all the major holidays to give the younger staff with young children a chance to be with their families.  Isn't she awesome?) So John and I usually fly to South Carolina just after Christmas.  Well, since I can't travel this year, Mom and Dad decided to not travel to Colorado to be with my sister and her boys.  I feel very loved.  Ergo, John's and my FIRST Christmas not alone!  I was able to delay chemo during the Christmas week, and pick it back up on Monday.  (this last monday)

I have been up and down.  I have definitely had a lot more exhaustion than in previous times, and unfortunately some nausea (but not really bad nausea.  A very manageable amount of nausea.).  A lady sitting across from me at chemo this week said that during her first trip through chemotherapy (this is her second time through), was like "a walk in the park" for the first half, and then BOOM!  Somewhere around the 6th round it nailed her.  So, it seems I'm somewhat par for the course:)  Another lady I talked to weeks ago had had a horrible time the whole way through and just wanted to positively die from nausea (until she discovered acupuncture).  So, I know my journey has been a very blessed one!

Yesterday, new year's eve (am I supposed to capitalize that?) I made sure to take lots of naps, and take my vitamins late in the day, in an attempt to make sure that I could stay up till midnight and be somewhat energetic doing so.  So, when I got there, I also had a coke, to help ensure it.  BOY DID IT EVER!  Yup.  I was awake till midnight!  And 1... and 2... all the way till 5 in the morning!  (I was not OUT till 5, I was just awake till 5.  I got home at a very respectable time for new years eve standards).  A bunch of friends and I had a small little shin-dig at a friends house.  It was awesome.  It was lovely to be with a bunch of people that I know and loved, and not a bunch of strangers hoping to not go home alone.  Ewwww.... We ate, we played games, we danced, we made s'mores!  It was wonderful.  Here's a pic of some of my favorite girls (minus Jenise of course, who is in Michigan.  Damn Yankee...)

While I'm at it, I'll add some pics of the tacky sweater party John and I went to at our church.  Warning: some images will be very disturbing! (namely the ones of John)

Well, I need to go cheer on my Frogs in the Rose Bowl, but I'll post more later!